How to Use A Multi Tool Can Opener

How To use multi tool can opener

Not sure how to use a multi tool can opener? Opening a can with a can opener can be challenging, especially if you’re accustomed to the modern pop-top cans. But what if the can isn’t a pop-top or if you don’t have an electric can opener available? Then, learning how to use the can opener on your multi-tool can come in very handy. 

Whether it’s your first time trying to use a multi-tool can opener or you’ve tried before and it didn’t work the way you wanted it to, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll teach you the right way to use your multi-tool can opener in 5 easy steps with photos and a how-to video.

So, let’s get right into it!

How to Use a Multi-Tool Can Opener – Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Identify the Can Opener

The first step in learning how to use a can opener on a multi-tool is knowing how to locate the can opener. This can be a little tricky for a first-timer, as multi-tools come with a lot of different tools. It can be confusing as the can opener and the bottle opener look a lot alike.

The photo below shows the difference in the design of a multi-tool can opener vs a bottle opener.

Difference between multi tool can opener and bottle opener
Multi Tool Can Opener vs Bottle Opener

It may be slightly different depending on the manufacturers of the multi-tool you’re using, but the can openers always have a hook with a sharp blade on the end. So, this should help you to differentiate it from the other tools.

The photo below shows the can openers from a variety of different multi-tools

Different types of multi tool can openers
Different Types of Multi-Tool Can Openers

Once you have identified the can opener on your multi-tool, go ahead and fold it out.

Step 2: Put the Can on a level Surface

Next ensure that the can you’re going to open is on a level surface. The can should be on a level surface to ensure that you’re able to use the can opener without the can shifting around.

This also helps to prevent the can opener from slipping. Thus helping to prevent the possibility of you being cut.

Step 3: Position the Can Opener 

Hold the can with one hand and place the hook of the can opener right below the lip of the can. Then, sink the sharp edge of the can opener into the can. Do this, by pressing the sharp edge of the can opener firmly against the top of the can.

This should create a hole in the opening of the can. You’re now half way there!

Step 4: Move the Can Opener Around the Can

Move the can opener back and forth while moving it forward or backward, depending on the model of the multi-tool you’re using.

The video below from Nikos Doulas NikGyver explains the direction you should move the can opener in depending on the manufacturers of your particular multi-tool.

Video Showing how to use Multi-Tool Can Opener on Victorinox, Leatherman, Boker Vintage etc.

After finding out what direction you should move the can opener in, continue moving the can opener back and forth, while also moving the can with your other hand.

Do this all the way around the can, until you’ve arrived back at the point where you started.

Step 5: Pop the Top of the Can

You’re almost done. This is the final step in the process! All you need to do now is pop the top of the can.

To do this simply place the can opener beneath the lid and pry it open. This can also be done with the knife blade of your multi-tool.

Voila, you’re done! All you need to do now is pour the contents of the can into a container and enjoy.

Things to be Aware of

  1. Be careful when going around the ring of the can, as the can opener can slip and may cut you.
  2. The opened lid is very sharp, so remove the lid with a piece of cloth or gloves to avoid getting cut.
  3. The elderly and other people who may have weak hands may have problems with using a multi-tool can opener and may need assistance.

Final Words

There you have it. Learning how to use a can opener is easier than it seems. After following the steps above, you should now be a multi-tool can opening expert! You shouldn’t have any problems the next time you have to open a can that’s not a pop-top.  

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